Travel Hacks

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  1. Plan well in advance. All the packages and the travel dates has to be booked at least 4-8 months prior. You get rewarded for better planning.
  2. Or if you are bad at planning be ready to travel anywhere any time. Typically at time 3-4 days before quite a few times there is a huge drop in airline prices. At times flights reward last minute planners.
  3. To get the best deals in flying, keep updated with the latest offers in AirAsia and other budget airlines.
  4. Subscribe to hotels tonight, Kayak and Hipmunk. You will be surprised on what’s in store.
  5. Subscribe to all meta search engines like Skyscanner etc for midnight deals.They are your best friend. Always be looking for flight deals. Work hard get luckier.
  6. On Tripadvisor check special lodging section. Always have good recommendations.
  7. If you love bidding check out – It’s an art. Hack the blind bid.
  8. Never forget promo code websites. Check for last 24 hours update.
  9. Use Google alerts. Remember it’s also an art.
  10. Along with Airbnb, check out Tripvillas, Hostelbookers, Hostelworld, VacationRentals, and to stay.
  11. Globally youth hostels are available for approx 10$ a night.
  12. Get lucky on twitter contests. Earn discount vouchers.
  13. Always have passport ready with 1 empty page. You might get late availability deal.
  14. Keep an Schengen visa (2 year)  and Malaysia (1 year) ready
  15. Subscribe to every possible hotel/ airline membership program.
  16. Become member of YAHI to get hostels worldwide.
  17. Try to travel in off-season, less crowd, better deals.
  18. Use incognito window in browser to buy flight tickets.
  19. Anytime to any country if u get a steal deal on flights buy. rest all can be managed.
  20. For the most authentic and local experiences, it is always better to stay in local homestays and budget accommodations. If you are ready for these accommodations and vacation rentals will be a treasure for you!
  21. Eat like a local,  drink like a local, travel like a local, use hostels, party like a local and live like a local and more so ever have fun!